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MRF E-MAIL NEWS Motorcycle Riders Foundation
236 Massachusetts Ave. NE | Suite 204 | Washington, DC 20002-4980
202-546-0983 (voice) | 202-546-0986 (fax) |

13NR27 - Meeting of the Minds Registration Deadline

19 August, 2013

Contact:Carol Downs Hennie, Director of Conferences & Events

Meeting of the Minds Registration Deadline
Meeting of the Minds pre-registration deadline is August 26, a week away. This is also the last day to make hotel reservations at our preferred rate. Meeting of the Minds will take place this year September 26-29 in Columbus, Ohio. It will be hosted by ABATE of Ohio. There is a great lineup of speakers and workshops. A copy of the agenda can be found at; click on 2013 Conference Information.

There are a couple items that stand out on the agenda.

First, the Friday night Fundraiser will benefit MRF Awareness & Education. The AMA will be hosting this event with ABATE of Ohio at AMA headquarters in Pickerington. For those who do not have their own transportation, it will be provided. You may purchase your ticket for the private function at registration. Second item of note is the Tug of War it’s back. Although last year I claimed the event was over, I heard too many complaints, so the competition continues. Let’s all work to make this a good fundraiser for the MRF.

The Conference will take place at Crowne Plaza Columbus North. Our room rate is $95.00 a night and includes the breakfast buffet. Since the contract was signed, the facility has discontinued shuttle service. No need to worry, it is still available to our group. When you make your reservations, you are sent to a general reservation line that does not know the details of our agreement and will tell you there is no shuttle service. I assure you there is. Please take the hotel phone number with you (641) 885-1885 and when you have gathered your luggage call the hotel for pick-up.

Crowne Plaza Columbus North
6500 Doubletree Ave
Columbus, OH 43229
(641) 885-1885

I really encourage you to register for the conference prior to August 26th. Not only will you save $10.00 on your registration, you will greatly assist our hosts in planning for the event. The more accurate a number provided, the easier it will be to assure they print workbooks for every attendee, not to mention stocking up on food and beverage for the Hospitality Room. Please assist them, and me, by pre-registering.

I look forward to seeing everyone in about a month. Ride careful!









NHTSA Announces Plan for VIN Recall Tool


The agency plans to require makers of automobiles, light trucks, and motorcycles to provide it on their websites starting next year.


Aug 21, 2013


The U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published a final rule requiring automakers and motorcycle manufacturers to provide consumers with a free, online tool on their websites so the motorists can search recall information by Vehicle Identification Number starting next year.

"Safety is our highest priority, and an informed consumer is one of our strongest allies in that effort," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. "Owners and potential buyers alike will soon be able to identify whether a safety recall for their specific vehicle is incomplete, using our free online search at"

This rule says the online information must be updated at least weekly. Consumers will be able to determine whether they must take action to address an uncompleted safety recall that affects their specific vehicle. “While several automakers already offer this feature, those who do not will have until next year (8/14/14) to comply with the final rule,” according to NHTSA’s announcement.

The announcement also says the VIN information will help NHTSA identify defect trends, and manufacturers will be required to provide vehicle owners with direct notice of recalls within 60 days of notifying NHTSA that a recall is occurring





NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V342
Manufacturer : General Motors LLC
Make / Model Years : CHEVROLET / 2014
GMC / 2014
Subject : Rear Brake Caliper Bolts/FMVSS 135
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V338
Manufacturer : Keystone RV Company
Make / Model Years : KEYSTONE / 2013
Subject : Stabilizer Jacks May Fall From Trailer
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V337
Manufacturer : Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing
Make / Model Years : TOYOTA / 2005-2011
Subject : Seat Belt Screws May Loosen
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V336
Manufacturer : Subaru of America, Inc.
Make / Model Years : SUBARU / 2013-2014
Subject : Possible Detachment of Parking Rod/Rollaway
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V335
Manufacturer : Ford Motor Company
Make / Model Years : FORD / 2012-2013
Subject : Side Lights Inoperable/FMVSS 108
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V334
Manufacturer : Triple E Recreational Vehicles
Make / Model Years : REGENCY GT / 2013
Subject : Unexpected Unfurling of the Awning
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V333
Manufacturer : Columbia Northwest, Inc.
Make / Model Years : SOMERSET / 2013-2014
Subject : Possible Wheel Detachment
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V332
Manufacturer : Blue Bird Body Company
Make / Model Years : BLUE BIRD / 2007-2014
Subject : Window Panel Adhesive Strength/FMVSS 221
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V331
Manufacturer : Jayco, Inc.
Make / Model Years : JAYCO / 2014
Subject : Windshield Wiper Arm May detach
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V330
Manufacturer : Entegra Coach
Make / Model Years : ENTEGRA / 2013-2014
Subject : Windshield Wiper May Separate
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V329
Manufacturer : Zero Motorcycles Inc.
Make / Model Years : ZERO / 2011-2012
Subject : Front Caliper Bolts May Fracture
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V328
Manufacturer : Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.
Make / Model Years : KAWASAKI / 2013
Subject : Motorcycle May Stall
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V327
Manufacturer : Setra of North America
Make / Model Years : SETRA / 2013
Subject : Lower Control Arm May Loosen
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V323
Manufacturer : Piaggio Group Americas. Inc.
Make / Model Years : MOTO GUZZI / 2012-2013
Subject : Rear Suspension Connecting Links may Fail
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V313
Manufacturer : Morgan 3 Wheeler Limited
Make / Model Years : MORGAN / 2012-2013
Subject : Brake Fluid Labels/FMVSS 122
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V308
Manufacturer : Navistar, Inc.
Make / Model Years : IC BUS / 2011-2014
Subject : Failed Knee Impact Testing/FMVSS 222
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V326
Manufacturer : Nissan North America, Inc.
Make / Model Years : NISSAN / 2014
Subject : Rear Seat Latch Bolts may Fail
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V325
Manufacturer : Daimler Buses North America
Make / Model Years : SPRINTER / 2007-2009
Subject : Wheelchair Lift Armored Cable Short Circuit
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V324
Manufacturer : Nissan North America, Inc.
Make / Model Years : NISSAN / 2014
Subject : Lower Body Bolt may be Loose or Missing
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V322
Manufacturer : PACCAR Incorporated
Make / Model Years : KENWORTH / 2010-2012
Subject : Melted Alternator Wire may Result in Fire
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V321
Manufacturer : Compass Conversions, LLC
Make / Model Years : BLOOMER / 2007
ELITE / 2003
Subject : Unexpected Unfurling of the Awning
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V320
Manufacturer : Navistar, Inc.
Make / Model Years : IC / 2006-2009,2011-2013
Subject : Flip Seat/Possible Toe or Foot Pinch
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V318
Manufacturer : Winnebago Industries Inc.
Make / Model Years : ITASCA / 2011
Subject : Vehicle Certification Label/Part 567
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V317
Manufacturer : Temsa Global Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.
Make / Model Years : TEMSA / 2013
Subject : Axle Shafts May Break
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V316
Manufacturer : Spartan Motors, Inc.
Make / Model Years : UTILIMASTER / 2012-2013
Subject : Inadvertent Engine Shutdown
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V309
Manufacturer : Glaval Bus Division
Make / Model Years : GLAVAL / 2010-2013
Subject : Air Conditioner Evaporators May Loosen and Fall
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V357
Manufacturer : Outdoors RV Manufacturing
Make / Model Years : BLACK STONE / 2014
CREEK SIDE / 2013-2014
TIMBER RIDGE / 2013-2014
Subject : Unexpected Unfurling of the Awning
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V355
Manufacturer : Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center Inc
Make / Model Years : HYUNDAI / 2013
Subject : Right Front Axle Shaft Can Fracture
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V354
Manufacturer : Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center Inc
Make / Model Years : HYUNDAI / 2006-2011
Subject : Crossmember Corrosion may cause Loose Control Arm
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V351
Manufacturer : Kaufman Trailers
Make / Model Years : KAUFMAN / 2012-2013
Subject : Kingpin may Fail Allowing Trailer to Separate
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V350
Manufacturer : OBS, Inc.
Make / Model Years : OBS / 2009,2013-2014
ROYAL / 2013
Subject : Unexpected Unfurling of the Awning
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V348
Manufacturer : Intech Trailers, Inc.
Make / Model Years : INTECH / 2013
Subject : Unexpected Unfurling of the Awning
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V347
Manufacturer : Chalet RV
Make / Model Years : CHALET TRUCK CAMPERS / 2013-2014
TAKENA / 2013-2014
Subject : Unexpected Unfurling of the Awning
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V344
Manufacturer : Chrysler Group LLC
Make / Model Years : DODGE / 2012
Subject : Loss of Power Transfer/Transmission Snap Ring
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V343
Manufacturer : Vermeer Manufacturing Company
Make / Model Years : VERMEER / 2010-2013
Subject : Air Brake Hose May Become Damaged
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V341
Manufacturer : Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC
Make / Model Years : JAGUAR / 2013
Subject : CAC Hose may Detach/Unexpected Engine Stall
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V340
Manufacturer : Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC
Make / Model Years : JAGUAR / 2011-2014
Subject : Convertible Roof & Windows Switch/FMVSS 118
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V339
Manufacturer : BMW of North America, LLC
Make / Model Years : BMW / 2009-2010
Subject : Fuel Filter Heater/Possible Fire


NHTSA Campaign ID Number: 13T007

Beijing Capital Tyre Co. (BCT) is recalling certain Autoguard LT245/75R16 tires manufactured June 25th, 2012, through November 11th, 2012. These tires failed the endurance test standards of FMVSS 139 and contain incorrect maximum load load data on the sidewall. Thus, these tires fail to to comply to the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 139, "New Pneumatic Radial Tires for Light Vehicles." During use, the tires may crack in the tread area leading to sudden air loss, and tire failure. Additionally, owners may unknowingly overload the tires which may lead to tire failure. Either condition increases the risk of a crash. Beijing Capital Tyre will notify owners and dealers will replace the tires, free of charge. The manufacturer has not yet provided a notification schedule. Owners may contact Tire Group International, Inc., BCT's U.S. contact, at 1-305-696-0096 extension 5538.

For more information for this particular recall, please go to 13T007.












Traffic Safety Day & Police Motorcycle Skills Challenge Set for Aug. 24

This first annual event will take place in Citrus Heights' Sunrise Mall.

by Lauren Gibbs (Editor) , August 20, 2013 at 08:33 AM

This weekend, don't be alarmed by local law enforcement out at Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights.

Saturday, Aug. 24, Citrus Heights Police Department hosts its first Traffic Safety Day & Police Motorcycle Skills Challenge.

Officers will give demonstrations of their riding skills by competing in timed courses. Other activities include a bicycle safety skills rodeo and other demonstrations as well as kids’ crafts and a jump house.

Traffic Safety Day & Police Motorcycle Skills Challenge
When: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 24
Where: Sunrise Mall, 6041 Sunrise Mall, Citrus Heights
Cost: Free to watch










Dream Ride is about bringing all the different motorcycle and car enthusiast to raise money for an important and worthy cause by doing what they love to do most... hitting the open road! It's a great event to support and even greater cause. One that proves it is impossible to give without receiving. 


Learn more at




Hi Folks

We're sending this email out asking for help! We need qualified ROAD CAPTAINS this Sunday August 25 for DREAM RIDE.  This event is becoming Connecticut's 'Sturgis' and we invite you to join us. We have locations from all over the State and they all leave at different times, you will be placed at a destination nearest you. 


Let me know by responding to this email  and we will send your destinations. Come on out and help us help the Special Olympians make their day a huge success.


As Always from us here at Trantolo & Trantolo THANK YOU  to our friends the MOTORCYCLE COMMUNITY


dream ride August 22, 2010  









Honda donates 12 bikes to GPTC motorcycle program


By Staff Reports


Georgia Piedmont Technical College recently received a gift of 12 motorcycles from the American Honda Motor Company to be used for training students in the Motorcycle Service Technology Department.

The 12 bikes are now being used as training instruments for students enrolled in the program's one year Motorcycle Mechanics course.

Georgia Piedmont Technical College President Dr. Jabari Simama welcomed and thanked American Honda Motor Company for their generous donation.

"This contribution was a tremendous gift that affords more of our students in the Motorcycle Service Technology program an exceptional opportunity for continued skills development, and, to simultaneously receive hands-on training that is so crucial to their success in the motorcycle repair industry," said Simama. "Contributions, such as this one from Honda, are critical to our ability to endow our students with the caliber of training and skill sets necessary to continue to provide the award winning workforce companies have come to expect from us."

William Hanson, manager of Honda's Motorcycle Communications and Training Office, said American Honda has been a long-time supporter of Georgia Piedmont and recognizes the value and necessity of developing a technically-skilled workforce to maintain its products.

"American Honda is pleased to have Honda based products become part of the training curriculum at Georgia Piedmont. We are encouraged to see students who are interested in Motorcycle Repair techniques and hope the CB125T's will assist in providing the students the experience necessary to be successful in the mechanical repair of Honda motorcycles," said Hanson.

Prior to this gift, Honda and other motorcycle manufacturers have given Georgia Piedmont bikes and curriculum materials. This is the first time, however, that the college has received a large number of the same kind of bike at one time.

"This is great," said Mike Sachs, head of the college's Motorcycle Service Technology program. "Being able to write some lessons around these bikes, with all the students doing the same thing at the same time is going to be a treat, especially for my beginning students." Sachs said his students will first perform maintenance and repairs on the bikes and then completely disassemble them and use the bike's components for overhaul training.

Collectively valued at more than $6,000, the motorcycles arrived on Georgia Piedmont's DeKalb Campus earlier this summer. The bikes are CB125T's, a model of bike never sold in the United States and was previously used at Honda sponsored rider training programs. Because the bikes are being retired and replaced with a more current model, students have a unique opportunity to compare the technological and mechanical differences found in domestic and international models of the company's products, identify modifications between former and current models as well as study variances between retail and non-retail, training bikes.

Georgia Piedmont's Motorcycle Service Technology Program is a one year sequence of classes that prepares students for positions in the motorcycle repair industry. The program emphasizes a combination of mechanical theory and practical experience. It includes classes in basic skills, maintenance, engines, chassis systems, electrical systems, fuel systems, as well as an internship experience.









Motorcycle crash hasn't slowed Bradley automotive artist

Aug. 20, 2013, 8:15 am

By Dennis Yohnka

Keith Kibbons doesn't just make lemonade from lemons. He can turn a potential disaster into a work of art.

The 35-year-old mechanical genius from Bradley has been expressing himself in various forms of transportation since 1999. And two months ago, he moved his artist workshop, Kustom Kreations by Kibbons, to its new home at 980 N. Washington St. in Kankakee.

Inside the garage, the artist's work includes a customers' 1970 Camaro, sure to be a future car showstopper. On the other end, there's a four-door pickup truck that Kibbons describes as "jacked to the moon." It's now getting some special paint features.

But out in front of the shop sits the one-of-a-kind motorcycle that tells the story of Kibbons' escape from serious injury.

"It was a 2004 Harley-Davidson that I made into my own personal bike," he explained. "I like to take my [7-year-old] son Neiko on rides with me. And I don't feel safe with him on the back. So, I found a sidecar.

"You don't see many custom bikes with sidecars, but I went up to Michigan to find this one. It's Swedish. I think it was made in 1960. It was out in the yard at this place, with a tree laying on top of it."

Kibbons finished his dream bike, but then began his nightmare. He hit a deer while riding 55 mph on Warner Bridge Road in September of 2012.

"It came out of nowhere. I hit it and it came across the side of the bike, away from the sidecar. It really tore up my knee," he said. "But it didn't knock the bike over because of the sidecar."

Still there was some serious damage. And both Kibbons and the bike spent some time in rehabilitation. Today, he's walking without a limp and the new paint job on the repaired bike is without equal.

"I wanted it to show like it was still ripped open and you could see the like 'bio-mechanical' parts under the 'skin' of it," he explained, adding that he gives all the air-brush painting credit to a friend he flies in from Maryland.

Kibbons got started in the automotive business, working on cars at the used car lot his dad, Richard, ran on West Station Street. He later worked on cars, trucks and bikes in his own garage, and now employs two full-time staffers at the new location.

And though Kibbons doesn't have the resources to compete with cable TV's celebrity motorcycle builders, he did bring home some of the top awards from the recent bike show at Chicago's McCormick Place.

So even if his masterpiece is complete, Kibbons has other creations, like the "graffiti machine." This low-rider was built from a plain Jane 1997 Harley, which Kibbons' covered in graffiti as if it were a subway car in the 1980s.

And what's next?

"It's up to what my customers want now. I've always got more ideas coming, but I've got to make a living, you know," Kibbons said.

"So, what can I do? It depends on the customer's budget. You give me an open checkbook and I can give you the baddest bike you've never seen before."


===== Motorcycle Safety - Lives On The Line


Posted: Aug 19, 2013 8:06 PM EDT

Decatur- There have been several motorcycle accidents in recent weeks here in Macon County. One claimed the life of GT Church Pastor BG Nevitt.

Decatur police say there has not been a spike in motorcycle accidents. But this is the time of year when these types of accidents are more common.

"I've gotten so nervous over the years that I don't ride in town if I can help it," said Bill Wilson of Praireland ABATE. "When I do ride I like to take my bike out in the country and just enjoy the country."

Coziahr Harley - Davidson in Forsyth suggests motorcycle riders take extra steps to make sure the drivers of cars and trucks can see them, such as wearing bright colors. "We always recommend the wearing of safety equipment," said Rich Marshall. "A helmet. Long pants. No opened toed shoes. We even have a large selection of reflective clothing."






















Last year in Massachusetts there were 46 motorcycle fatalities; that's up 10 from 2011~ :*(


Your editor at the recent Breast Cancer Ride. To my left is Jeff Chandler also a member of the Essex County Marine Corps League Detachment #127.









Save the date!
Woburn Middlesex Lions Club presents:
In memory of Christian Van (Medford, MA.)
Motorcycle & Classic Vehicles Escorted Ride
Registration starts: 12:30 PM
$15.00 per person entry includes: Ride and Entry into "OLDIES DANCE"
Run leaves 1:30PM Sharp from Raso's Bar and Grille  290 Mystic Ave Medford, MA. 02155
  Prizes & Awards for "Best Looking Bike, Best Looking Vehicle and 50's theme outfits.
Oldies Dance after the ride at: SOns of Italy Hall
168 Lexington Street
Woburn, MA. 01801
Dance tickets only $15.00pp
DJ Music & Raffles
Fore more information or tickets please contact:
Lisa M Van 781-254-4644
Donation proceeds benefit MA Lions Eye Research








Caught on Tape: Alleged Thieves Steal Vintage Motorcycle •


by Darren Cunningham Reporter


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Doug Streishhirsch owns a 1971 triumph Bonneville motorcycle, but he said it was stolen Friday morning around 1:20. Thieves were caught on camera taking it.

“It’s definitely a collector’s item. It’s a classic bike,” Streichhirsch said.

However, Streichhirsch said his bike is more than memorabilia.

“It’s a bike that me and a buddy who was in an accident and passed last month actually, and it was a project of ours, and he helped me. He taught me everything about the British motorcycles and all that,” he explained.

He said someone stole the classic British wheels which normally sit outside his Grand Rapids home on Lincoln Avenue Northwest.

“It’s heartbreaking, anger obviously, unbelievable,” Streichhirsch said.

He explained, “I’ve been rebuilding and working on it for about five years now. It’s a slow process putting it back together. I’ve done a lot of modifications on it.”

Fortunately, Doug lives right next door to a Dairy Queen which has surveillance cameras.

“It`s heart wrenching that somebody would come up into your yard and take it.’

I asked him if he thinks the thieves scoped out his motorcycle. He said, “Definitely.” The men were walking down Walker Avenue. Streichhirsch said judging from the bee line they made toward his yard after coming around the corner the suspects knew exactly what they wanted and went for it.

Since Friday, flyers have gone up about the missing wheels, as far as Greenville. Streichhirsch said his friends in the biker community have been helpful. Keeping an eye out and spreading the word.

He’s even turned to Craigslist to get his bike back. With every passing minute, he feels the suspects have a better chance of selling it or stripping it for parts.

He`s depending on this video to tip off the public and help solve this crime.

“Something in there has got to be recognized by somebody somewhere,” he said.

Streichhirsch said he’s offering a $500 reward to anyone who has the tip that leads to getting his bike back and an arrest. He said Grand Rapids police have been notified and a detective has been assigned to the case. He alerted FOX 17 to get the word and pictures out for help.









Motorcycle ride raises $2,000 for veteran memorial .


KELLIHER -- With ground broken at the Old School Center in Kelliher, and several granite slabs already sitting on the property waiting to be put in place, a 100-mile motorcycle fundraising event kicked off Saturday morning to raise additional funds to sponsor the all-veterans memorial that will sit on the northeast corner of the Old School Center grounds, facing Highway 72.


The "Ride for the Memorial" was intended to raise awareness about the memorial in addition to raising the needed funds to construct the monument which will cost approximately $50,000, not including installation and transportation costs of the different pieces.

The fee for the ride totaled $25 per bike or $35 if the bike bunked an additional rider. That fee included breakfast, mid-afternoon lunch and possible door prizes.

Over 25 motorcyclists showed up Saturday morning between 8 and 11 a.m. to participate in the ride which would cover 100 miles through three of Minnesota's northwoods towns starting in Kelliher, across to Big Fork, up to Big Falls and then back to the Kelliher community center where the riders would receive lunch. Each town along the way provided a stopping point where riders could get off their bikes and rest before continuing on.

"Ride for the Memorial" is just one of the many fundraisers that has been organized by six-member Northern Beltrami Veterans Memorial Committee formed between members of the local American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Kelliher Schools, to raise the goal of $50,000 through events, grants and private donations.

According to Robert Hoyum, committee financial officer and local veteran, the committee is about halfway to its goal.

"We're hoping to have it done in a year from now, even if its done in stages," Hoyum said. "There'll be a dedication and we'll invite everybody in the whole country if they want."

The committee formed in 2012 and held a Veterans' Day contest for Kelliher High School students to design the memorial for a cash reward of $50. The contest was won dually by three girls who contributed two designs and were later incorporated into one final design that will feature a hexagonal-shaped centerpiece featuring the five branches of the service -- Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard -- a kneeling soldier in bronze and a paved walkway around it that will have imprints of combat boots to "follow the path of a soldier."

Hoyum added that the memorial will also feature a battle cross -- a rifle with its bayonet pointed into the ground with a set of boots and a helmet resting on the buttplate -- but the cross will not be included in the original design projected to be completed in a year.

The committee has not yet signed a contract to mold the kneeling soldier or create the service branch plaques that will be around the centerpiece, but Hoyum says that the committee has his eye on an outfit in Utah that creates bronze designs and much of the cement and granite work will be done locally.

Irvin Creger, retired Air Force veteran who served in South Korea as part of the military police, attended "Ride for the Memorial" after hearing about the event on the radio where he was staying with his brother near Lake Plantagenet.

"I come up and spend time with him every summer because we've been separated for about 40 years," Creger said. "Now that we are retired, we can get together."

That separation is because Creger lives in California and only spends about two months in Minnesota per year. This year, he trailered his motorcycle from Los Angeles and, after hearing about the "Ride for the Memorial" fundraiser, decided to trek up to Kelliher to get involved.

"It was advertised on a local radio station that said something about being part of Kelliher and it was at about 8:30 every morning," Creger said. "I said, 'Hey, why not? I'm only an hour's drive away.'"

For Creger, the fundraiser wasn't only an opportunity to ride his motorcycle, but to also help his fellow veterans become more visible.

"It's always interested me that, being a veteran myself, that they get the recognition that they deserve," he said, pointing to the baseball cap atop his head. "Since I've been wearing this cap that says I was in the Air Force, I've actually had, in biker areas, the bikers that will come up to me and say, 'thank you for your service.'"

Hoyum and the other committee members expected more than the 28 riders that attended, but due to a heavy fog that morning, many of the motorcycles in route to the event were forced to turn around.

"We had that bad fog and there were three groups that turned around. It was too dangerous," Hoyum said. "People don't see motorcycles on a sunny day and they definitely don't see them in the fog."

That fog cleared up for blue sky by late afternoon when the group hit the road. And, despite less than expected numbers, the committee was pleased to report that it raised more than $2,000 for the all-veterans memorial at the Old School Center.

"People were very generous," Hoyum said. "The day went very, very well. There was very little traffic and everyone was supportive of one another. We took a group picture at Big Falls. It was just the perfect day."











 Motorcycle Accident Victims to host poker run in Pennsville


Motorcycle Accident Victims to host poker run Motorcycle Accident Victims (MAV) will hold its annual Poker Run and Jam Fest on Saturday, Sept. 21, at AJ’s Tavern in Pennsville.

Registration is from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Cost is $12, and includes a special event pin for the first 200 registrants.

Food will be available for purchase. Walk-ins will be $5.

There will be music, door prizes, 50/50s and more. MAV is a non-profit organization that helps downed bikers through no fault of their own in the Tri-State area.

If you would like more information on MAV, visit  For more information, contact 856-514-3725.








Motorcycle fundraiser to help young burn victim


By: Maria Valvanis

Hundreds of bikers hit the road to raise money and also honor one little girl's courageous fight. Five-year-old Sa'fyre Terry has been recovering in the hospital since May after a house fire killed her father and three siblings. YNN's Maria Valvanis updates us on her progress and how these cyclists are hoping to help.


FULTON COUNTY, N.Y. -- "Losing her father and her siblings was really hard, but I have a great support system helping me get through this so I can be there for my daughter," said Jennica Duell.

It's been three months since the Schenectady house fire that killed a father and three young children. Police charged Robert Butler, 27, with intentionally starting that fire and on Sunday, hundreds of motorcyclists came out to show their support for the sole survivor, five-year-old Sa'fyre Terry.

Duell said, "She's moving a lot more now. She can shake her head yes and no, but she can't talk. They're working on that."

Duell says her daughter is still in the hospital recovering. She has severe burns on 95 percent of her body and doctors had to remove one of her hands.

"We love to ride and I think if you ask anyone here, they'll tell you they love to ride and we all want to do what we can to help," said Kim McFarlane.

Described as the girl whose smile lights up the room, family friend Roger Steele organized this joy ride to raise funds for the little fighter.

"I know she is going to need expensive surgeries in her life for prosthetics and stuff. Whatever she wants to use the money for, she can. If she wants to blow the money at Wal-Mart, I don't care. It's all her money," Steele said.

And whether cyclists know the little girl or not, they say helping her down the road to recovery is the perfect reason to hop on their bikes.

Fred Synder said, "I read about it in the paper and, you know, it's a good cause and a good time."

"I like to support all kinds of causes and any girl left alone shouldn't be left alone, so we're all here to support her," Gregg VanGelder said.

Anyone unable to attend the ride but would like to donate can do so at any local SEFCU branch under the "Terry Family Fund."























What is the Killington Classic? 

It's a great medium-sized rally with a huge heart and a lot going on, located smack dab in some of the best Riding in the northeast.  


It's Easy to Join the Fun for the day or the weekend, and it's very affordable.


Take a Labor Day Weekend and Make it Special!

The New Labor Day Weekend Tradition
Aug 29th - Sept 1st








Arlington Haggen hosts car & motorcycle show to help homeless


August 20, 2013 · 3:26 PM


ARLINGTON — Those who happen to swing by the Haggen Food & Pharmacy at 20115 74th Ave. NE in Arlington between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 24, should expect to see some unexpected vehicles in the grocery store's parking lot, as part of a car and motorcycle show to help raise funds for Volunteers of America's Ending Homelessness program.

The "Oh Boy! Oberto" hydroplane, Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine will be among the diverse array of vintage cars, muscle cars, trucks and motorcycles on display, complete with kettle corn and other food, craft and car-related vendors.

"This is going to be not only a great car show," said Sharon Paskewitz, Volunteers of America Operations Director for Basic Needs, "but it's also going to be a really fun event for families and kids, too, with activities like a bouncy house, a Home Depot project where they can build a car, and face-painting."

Volunteers of America provides emergency and transitional housing assistance, along with other services, to help prevent people from becoming homeless. This year's event is its second annual area car show, and organizers expect it to be a lot bigger than last year's.

"We've moved it to the Haggen parking lot to accommodate a lot more people," Paskewitz said. "We expect to have about a hundred cars and motorcycles on display, plus the kids' area. Haggen's has been a great partner, and we're so happy to work with them on this."

For more information, contact Michelle Fogus by phone at 425-259-3191 or via email at,  or log onto








Harley-Davidson unveiling eight new models for 2014

Gary Porter
In advance of its 110th anniversary party, Harley-Davidson is unveiling eight models retooled with what it calls Project Rushmore features.
Motorcycles fuse style, comfort and safety innovations
By Rick Barrett of the Journal Sentinel Aug. 19, 2013inShare.7EmailPrint(63) Comments Photo Gallery
New Harley-Davidsons unveiled Harley-Davidson Inc. on Monday is unveiling 2014 touring and trike motorcycles, developed under the name Project Rushmore, that have liquid-cooled engines and touch-screen electronics more akin to luxury automobiles.

Eight models were retooled and enhanced under Project Rushmore, making it the largest new model launch in Harley's history, the company says. The new bikes are being unveiled as Harley plans to celebrate its 110th anniversary in Milwaukee over Labor Day weekend.

"This is beyond anything we've ever done," Harley spokesman Matt King said.

The Rushmore cycles are the first to come under a new product development initiative, announced four years ago, that aims to bring new bikes and features to the marketplace faster.

Eight new motorcycles will have Project Rushmore features: the Road King, Street Glide, Street Glide Special, Electra Glide Ultra Classic, Ultra Limited, Tri Glide Ultra, CVO Ultra Limited and CVO Road King.

"Project Rushmore is the overarching name we are using for this family of bikes," King said.

New features include the first liquid-cooled engine for a Harley-Davidson touring bike, integrated front and rear anti-lock brakes, integrated audio, communications, navigation and vehicle information in a single electronic touch screen, five-way joy sticks on the left and right motorcycle hand controls for most of the system's functions, and a more comfortable passenger seat.

Linked braking, where braking with the front and rear wheels is synchronized, is activated at speeds above about 20 miles per hour. At highway speeds, the system will automatically calculate the amount of braking that's necessary under the existing conditions.

The company's styling team influenced every aspect of the makeover, with considerable input from customers.

"When we got this assignment, we knew that we were messing with the Holy Grail of motorcycles," said Brian Nelson, lead stylist on Project Rushmore.

"We don't do trend bikes or fashion-statement motorcycles. We try to make something that will last forever. But we also have an obligation to move the brand forward, to make it look and function better," Nelson added.

The bikes, and other changes in Harley-Davidson's motorcycle lineup, are being unveiled at the company's dealership meeting in Denver.

The bikes' hand controls are redesigned, and the number of dash gauges has been reduced from six to four — with temperature and oil pressure readouts moved to the electronic screen and the gauges made larger for better visibility.

The new bikes are priced comparable with 2013 models, according to Harley, such as a $26,939 base price for an Ultra Limited with two-tone paint.

Designing a motorcycle involves art, science and emotional appeal. Harley's Willie G. Davidson Product Development Center, in Wauwatosa, has a large conference room called the "bunker" where motorcycle designs and prototypes are reviewed. Its tall glass windows have motorized shades to keep prying eyes from getting even a glimpse of bikes that might not be released to the public for several years, if ever.

Under CEO Keith Wandell's leadership, Harley has cut product development time by about 30%, and it has a new way of gathering ideas for motorcycle designs.

"We gather input and ideas at formal focus groups, but also at all the events we attend and at our demo rides, sometimes just talking to that rider or passenger sitting on the next stool at a diner," said Scott Habegger, director of motorcycle styling.

"We take our ideas and solutions back to customers as prototypes and get more feedback before settling on a final design," he added.

Other changes in the 2014 lineup include anti-lock brakes on all five Sportster models, a new CVO Softail Deluxe that comes with a detachable windshield with GPS navigation, Daymaker LED lighting and detachable saddlebags.

Also, the Twin Cam 103 engine is now standard equipment on the Street Bob and Super Glide Custom models.




Some Harley-Davidson anniversary parties to be family-friendly, others not


By Tom Murray

CREATED Aug. 19, 2013


Video by


MILWAUKEE - The flags are going up outside the south side's House of Harley ahead of a big party. Organizers say bring the kids to their six-day event during the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary Celebration.

"Absolutely family friendly," said House of Harley's Kristin Wacker. "Bring them down. We have cotton candy. We have all different kinds of activities."

House of Harley takes over a big stretch of Layton Avenue for a mega block party.

"We have live music," Wacker explained. "We have hundreds of vendors. We have four recognition days benefiting different charities."

You should probably book a babysitter if you head to the unashamedly adults-only party at Milwaukee Harley-Davidson on the northwest side.

"We're going to have a swim up bikini bar," said sales rep Geoff Sheldon. "We're going to have a wet T-shirt contest. We will have body-painted models walking around the premises the whole time as well."

80s hair band Great White is set to play a new stage at the dealership off Silver Spring. The dealership plans to be open around the clock during the anniversary.

"You get to take off the suit and tie for some guys," said Sheldon. "They get the bandanna and leather on and experience a little bit more of the wild side, the stuff they don't get to do Monday through Friday."

The Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary Celebration officially runs August 29 through September 1.




Bar, restaurant owners ready for Harley-Davidson street parties


8:00 pm, August 20, 2013, by Justin Williams


MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The music might be the only think as loud as the motorcycles as the lineups for the Harley-Davidson street parties are announced in Milwaukee. There are three parties in all. In less than two weeks, the corner of North and Farwell in Milwaukee will be in the middle of all kinds of action — much to Gary Johnson’s delight. “Definitely excited! Can’t wait! Brings back memories of the 100th,105th. And those were just outstanding days. And I’m lookin’ forward to more of the same,” said Johnson. Johnson is the owner of BBC Bar and Grill. he says he’s already preparing for Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary Celebration. “I’ve got roughly 40 to 50 employees. But probably that day, I’m gonna be pushin’ 60,” said Johnson. The street party takes place on E. North Ave. between Prospect and Oakland. It’s the first of three during the celebration’s four days. Johnson says he enjoys the chance to show off his business — but not as much as he enjoys being part of the effort to show off the city. “That’s the game plan. I mean, you want to impress all the people that are in from out of town. We’re going to have a lot of visitors from all over the world — and we want to show ‘em what a good time it is here,” said Johnson. A block away at Beans and Barley, co-owner James Neumeyer says he and his staff are plenty pumped about the pending party. “On the 105th there was a ton of activity, all up and down the street. All up and down North Avenue,” said Neumeyer. Anticipating a similar level of activity, Neumeyer says he’ll have extra staff available to help ensure everyone enjoys the event. “What we saw it as was, you know, a Milwaukee-event, a community-event, which– we’re a very community-minded restaurant business. So as it entered our community, we’re just goin’–goin’ with the flow,” said Neumeyer. The other two Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary street Parties are scheduled for downtown Milwaukee. On August 31st, it will be held on N. Milwaukee St. — and on September 1st, you’ll find it on E. Juneau.




  Schedule of activities for the 110th Anniversary.










Motorcycle accident victim's mother urges caution


Aug 19, 2013 11:27 AM 


The mother of a P.E.I. man killed in a motorcycle crash in June has come forward, urging people to be more aware of motorcycles when driving on the highway.

Dustin Lord, 24, died when the driver of an SUV made a left turn into oncoming traffic.

'You need to kind of step back to that mindset of when you first got your licence.' — Nicole HeffelHis mother, Cheryl Lord of Bedeque, said drivers need to be more aware.

"People don't see bikes, they don't look for bikes," said Lord.

Four people on motorcycles have died in accidents on P.E.I. highways this year. Dustin Lord's fiancé, Nicole Heffell, agrees with his mother that many accidents could be prevented if drivers were simply a little more cautious.

"You need to kind of step back to that mindset of when you first got your licence, and you were cautious and you were nervous," said Heffel.

"Maybe we do need a little bit of that caution."

The accident rate in Nova Scotia has also been bad, with nine dead in motorcycle collisions.

Ed Snow, motorcycle training manager for Safety Services Nova Scotia, said it will take more than driver caution to bring that accident rate down. He would like to see signs reminding drivers of the return of motorcycles to the highways.

"People tend to forget," said Snow.

"After October they don't see motorcycles again till April, May or June. They tend to forget that they're out there, so I think we need to get more signage out there, you know more education and more awareness."

Snow also said new bikers shouldn't be allowed to own big fast motorcycles until they have some experience.







Shhhh! Operation Baffle targets excess noise


Labour Day police blitz will target loud exhausts; Hamilton citizens' group petitions for noisy-muffler bylaw

Gary Yokoyama,


Operation Baffle is keeping an eye on noisy vehicles while members of Hamilton Against Loud Exhausts work to get a new noise bylaw. next play/pause pre 2/2Hamilton Spectator ByStacey Escott Drivers take notice: Concerned citizens and Hamilton police have noise pollution on their radar and steps are being taken to quiet the racket coming from some vehicles, motorcycles in particular.

Police from the Mountain division officially kicked off Operation Baffle this summer. It's a proactive policing project that includes random visual inspections of motorbike exhaust systems to make sure they have baffles — devices that reduce the noise from mufflers.

"If they find there is no baffle … they will issue a provincial offence notice," said Sergeant Myra James, crime manager and supervisor of safety officers for Division 30.

James learned of the concerns through residents' calls to her office and meetings with city councillors.

"This quality of life type problem is a seasonal one and impacts members of our community," James said.

Division 30 covers the Mountain and other communities such as Glanbrook, Mount Hope, upper Stoney Creek, Ancaster and Dundas.

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act requires every motor vehicle or motor assisted bicycle to be "equipped with a muffler in good working order and in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise."

The act prohibits the modification of mufflers to increase sound.

But Stuart Osborne and Martin Essig don't think that's enough and the two men started Hamilton Against Loud Exhausts (HALE) in the spring in an effort to decrease the overall noise levels of modified vehicles in the community.

"The biggest offenders of modified exhausts are motorcycles," said Osborne.

They want people to know that modified exhausts are illegal under the Highway Traffic Act but they also say the law is ineffective.

"It doesn't specify what noise is. It has to be defined and measurable," Essig said.

They want a bylaw enforced that enables either bylaw or police officers to measure the noise coming from vehicles. They created a Facebook page and started a petition online to get city council to start enforcing limits on noise emitted from motorcycles.

They point to municipalities such as Oakville, Guelph and Caledon, which have bylaws that specifically target excessive vehicle noise. These cities use a standard test from the U.S.-based Society of Automotive Engineers as a guideline to measure noise coming from exhaust systems.

"Oakville enacted the bylaw based on this standard — they will have blitzes within the community where Halton police will assist and pull over the vehicle (and) a bylaw officer is waiting with a sound meter," Osborne said.

The Oakville bylaw came into effect on July 1, 2012.

Burlington Councillor Marianne Meed Ward presented a similar motion last summer to ask staff to look at what is being done elsewhere regarding noisy motorcycles but no changes have been made.

James Conrad owns Sturgess Cycle in Hamilton and acknowledges the problem. He says he's respectful of his neighbours and asks his customers to do the same, but "there will always be the exception to the rule — there will always be (those) that have no consideration for anybody but themselves.

"Even with a bylaw in place, it will make no difference to them," he added.

Operation Baffle doesn't target just motorcycles. The project focuses on any vehicle with a dodgy muffler or no muffler at all. Police conducted their first blitz over the Victoria Day weekend in May. The next one will happen over the Labour Day weekend.

James says she has attended meetings with HALE and is in regular communication with the group.

"I think perhaps it would help in the area of enforcement if there was some sort of municipal bylaw that was measurable," she said.

To sign the HALE petition, visit










Interesting that foreign countries are looking into the safety and importation of helmets, and here, we can't get our government to do its due diligence on this piece of "so called safety equipment".....and yet a lot of states mandate helmets be worn!

TBS mulls standards on motorcycle helmets


Wednesday, 21 August 2013 03:31  by PIUS RUGONZIBWA


 Avoiding risks: A motorcycle rider is safer when he/she wears a helmet, but it must be of acceptable standards. 


LAST weekend, the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) released the National Standard that target to govern the manufacturing, importation, wearing and general usage of motor cycle helmets in the country.


Known as ‘TSZ 1478;2013 Protective helmets for motorcycle riders-Specification’ the Standard will prohibit all dealers, importers and manufacturers from importing and or manufacturing substandard helmets that of late are rated as one of the contributing factors to traffic accidents involving many motor cycle riders across the country.


To make sure the message penetrates to intended parties, the Bureau chose to hold the first stakeholders’ workshop in Dar es Salaam where it explained on how the standard will work and more importantly the specification of the quality helmets to be locally manufactured or imported basing on the standard requirements.

“Motorcyclists’ safety is not all about helmets as there are some other issues to be considered, but it is an indisputable fact that proper implementation of the standard will certainly reduce the number of deaths and injuries among riders and their passengers as experienced today,” says the TBS Acting Chief Mr Joseph Masikitiko.

According to Mr Masikitiko, the full implementation of the standard however, awaits for other important regulations to be drafted by other law enforcers like the Police Force and Surface and Marine Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA) to ensure riders wear helmets as a mandatory requirement.

He says the introduction of the standard comes as the number of deaths and injuries due to careless riding of motorcycles are on the rise apart from other factors like overloading, speeding, use of alcohol and lack of road safety training among others. While the news about motorcyclists’ safety continues to be disheartening, he says, there is no mystery about what is needed to be done to keep riders safe calling for all stakeholders to have a clear way forward on ensuring motorcycle riding is not as dangerous as it is today.

The Bureau, according to the Acting DG, will ensure that helmets are certified to ascertain their quality and other stakeholders will have to play their roles as per their mandates to ensure smooth compliance and reduction of losses the nation was incurring for using substandard equipment.

Stakeholders had welcomed the idea, amid pointing a sharp finger at the present system of importing and using the helmets that are bought with the motorcycles. Mr Sondo Maximillian from the Transport Resources Centre (TRC) said current helmets both imported with the motorcycles and or imported separately had questionable quality and were largely substandard.

The situation is coupled by the poorly regulated motorcycle business operations calling for tough measures to make sure the new standard is effectively implemented and its regulations timely enforced. “We have a serious lack of clear regulations over the operations of the motorcycles across the country as business and income generating activity rather than the public service,” says Mr Maximilian adding under such circumstances it is difficult for riders and passengers to see the necessity of putting on helmets for their safety.

But according to Inspector Mussa Manyama from the Traffic Police Department, safety measures when riding motorcycles was a responsibility of the passengers despite the fact that the Police is there to enforce the laws on traffic issues. According to Inspector Manyama, riders and passengers are at the end of the day to decide whether to go for safe motorcycles with quality protective gears like helmets or not before law enforcement on the same comes in.

“We have experienced in some upcountry regions where some passengers buy their own helmets and carry them whenever they wanted to ride or take a motorcycle. This can also be emulated in other cities like Dar es Salaam,” he says. Stakeholders also pointed an accusing finger to the police, saying some of them have been lenient to cyclists who violate traffic regulations, while motorists have been punished severely.

Inspector Manyama admitted the shortcoming especially executing legal and disciplinary measures to riders who violate safety measures and traffic regulations but could not categorically state the way forward. Public education was equally emphasized as one of the measures to mitigate the problem outdated mindsets that careless riding of motorcycles was not that dangerous after all.

On that aspect, the National Institute of Transport pledged to team up with other players and actively engage in providing education on the best practices governing the motorcycle activities and operations. TBS Acting Head of Certification Mr Lazaro Msasalaga said the public will be notified on when exactly the standard will be fully implemented pending the outcome of ongoing stakeholders meetings and some other final procedures like formulation of the regulations.

But as those few steps are worked out, he says TBS team is set to maintain strict routine surveillance inspection to ensure full compliance to the Standard calling for other stakeholders to be ready for the move as well. “We will have to fight hard to change the present public attitudes over the usage of helmets coupling with serious violation of traffic regulations like dangerous timing at traffic lights and overloading popularly known as ‘mishkaki’,” he says.

Already, local firms have shown interests in manufacturing helmets locally one of them being the Prison Services Engineering Unit which plans to start doing so by end of this year.











What  highlighted color codes mean:


Helmet usage

Rider error

Citations or charges or continuing investigation


Other or unknown circumstances













IL: Minooka man dies in ATV accident Jumped from vehicle at South Wilmington Fireman's Club

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 7:49 a.m. CDT

MINOOKA – A 35-year-old Minooka man has died after an accident at South Wilmington Fireman’s Club this past weekend.

Jason Clearwater died of his injuries after jumping off the back of an ATV on Saturday evening, said Grundy County Sheriff Kevin Callahan.

The sheriff’s department assisted South Wilmington Fire Department at the scene. Callahan said that, according to the police report, Clearwater was on the ATV with multiple other people when he jumped off and then hit his head....









MA:  Winchester man killed in Boxboro motorcycle crash

 The Lowell Sun Updated: 07/21/2013 02:20:36 PM EDT

BOXBORO -- A Winchester teenager is dead after his motorcycle crashed on Massachusetts Avenue in Boxboro early Sunday morning.

The rescue crew rushed to 332 Mass Ave. at about 4:04 a.m. in response to a report of the accident, according to the Boxboro Police Department. The Professional Ambulance paramedics who were on the scene determined the 19-year-old driver was deceased. The preliminary investigation indicates that the motorcycle struck a tree, police said. The motorcycle did not have any passenger.

The Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council Crash Reconstruction team is working with the Boxboro Police Department to investigate the crash. Police are trying to determine whether speed and alcohol played a role in the accident.

No further information about the accident or the driver's identity was available.












OH:  Canfield man killed in Youngstown motorcycle crash

Aug 20, 2013 12:03 AM EDT

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - A Canfield man was killed in a motorcycle crash on Interstate 680 Monday night.

The Mahoning County Coroner has identified the victim as 32 year old Zachary Zarlenga.

Police say the motorcycle was traveling south bound at a high rate of speed when it struck an SUV.

Investigators say Zarlenga was not wearing a helmet.

The Glenwood Avenue exit was shut down for a time as police conducted their investigation.

Police and the coroner's office say their investigation is continuing.









Motorcycle passenger killed in suspected DUI crash in Carbon County

A 59-year-old Jim Thorpe woman riding on the back of a motorcycle was killed in an accident Sunday night on Route 903 in Carbon County.

Debra L. VanPatten died when the motorcycle collided with a car about 10:15 p.m in Penn Forest Township near the Jim Thorpe border, state police at Lehighton said.

A state police news release said both drivers are suspected of driving under the influence.

The motorcycle driver, Paul G. Herman of Jim Thorpe, and the car driver, Steven McKenzie of the 100 block of West Broadway in Jim Thorpe, were both traveling north on Route 903 when the crash occurred, police said.

Herman and VanPatten lived at the same address in the first block of Cedar Avenue in Jim Thorpe.

Carbon County Coroner Bruce A. Nalesnik said an autopsy is being scheduled for VanPatten. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, which remains under investigation.







SD: A Willow Lake man died after his motorcycle was struck by a car Friday evening. ... to a news release from the South Dakota Department of Public Safety.









Motorcyclist suffers critical injuries

By Duane Sherrill

POSTED: August 6, 2013 12:06 p.m.

A disturbing trend of serious motorcycle accidents continued Saturday night on the bypass leaving the cyclist with serious injuries.

The victim, Cory Lynn Slatton, 21, was airlifted from the scene by AirEvac helicopter to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment of critical injuries. The wreck happened around 8 p.m. Saturday at the intersection of U.S. 70 Bypass and Old Smithville Highway.

According to McMinnville Police reports, the wreck happened as Slatton was attempting to make a left turn onto Old Smithville Road from the bypass. Upon entering the intersection located in front of Walmart his westbound 2002 Suzuki motorcycle crossed into the path of the eastbound GMC Jimmy driven by Dori Perry. She was traveling the opposite direction on the bypass and crossing under the traffic light at the same time he was attempting to make the turn. An investigation revealed both drivers had the green light. However, Perry had the right of way since she was traveling straight and the cyclist was turning. While he had a green light, he did not have the protected turn light which is meant to aid those making turns at that intersection. Perry was charged at the scene for driving on a suspended license. Slatton was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. However, the impact knocked the helmet from his head leaving him unprotected when he was thrown into the windshield of the car he collided with, hitting it head first. He suffered serious head trauma in the crash, prompting the on-scene airlift.







1 Taken to Ruby Following Crash in Taylor County

Aug 19, 2013 10:22 PM EDT

Route 50 was shut down in Taylor County on Monday evening after two motorcycles crashed, injuring one man.

Harrison County 911 said it happened around 7:45 p.m. at the Ivandale Straight of Route 50, near Grafton.

The Grafton Fire Department said two men were each driving separate motorcycles when a deer ran out in front of the first one. The first driver swerved to avoid hitting the deer and flipped over.

The second driver crashed to avoid hitting the other driver, according to the fire department. He was not taken to the hospital from the scene, but officials believe he drove himself to United Hospital Center in Bridgeport.

Taylor County EMS took the driver of the first motorcycle to Ruby Memorial Hospital. His name and extent of injuries are unknown at this time.

The Taylor County Sheriff's Department is investigating. State police also responded to the scene.







DPS Investigating Multiple Motorcycle Accident on FM 306 on Saturday

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

(Canyon Lake, TX) -- Texas DPS Troopers continue to investigate a multiple motorcycle wreck on FM 306 from over the weekend that left 6 people injured, 3 seriously.

That accident happened a little after 2pm Saturday on FM 306 at River’s Edge, which is near FM 2673.

Several motorcycles were involved in that crash, where traffic narrows down and begins to bottleneck as vehicles turn onto 2673.

A total of 6 people were injured, including 3 males and 1 female that were critically injured.

Airlife was called to the scene to transport one of those patients to a San Antonio area hospital while two others were taken by ground EMS, also to San Antonio hospitals.

The rest were taken to local hospitals in New Braunfels.

Ambulances from Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, and Bulverde/Spring Branch were called in to help handle those victims.

DPS Troopers continue to investigate the cause of the crash.







Motorcycle Strikes Deer Sending 2 To Local Hospital

By: Paul J. Gately

GATESVILLE (August 19, 2013)--A Riesel man and a Bellmead woman were both seriously injured Sunday night when the motorcycle they were riding struck a deer along a state highway in Gatesville.

Gatesville police Chief Nathan Gholke said the motorcycle driver, Charles Dwight Conklin, 48, of Riesel, and his passenger, Lynn Anderson Harris, 55, of Bellmead, both were taken to Scott & White Hospital, in Temple, with what he described as incapacitating injuries.

Police, fire and EMS units were sent at around 9:10 p.m. to the 1900 block of State Highway 36, near State School Road, after a caller reported that a motorcycle had hit a deer.

Both riders, neither of whom was wearing a helmet, were thrown from the bike and the force of the collision caused the 2008 Harley Davidson to slide into the opposite lane of the highway where it was struck by a northbound Peterbilt 18-wheeler.

The truck, which was loaded with cattle, then skidded into a roadside ditch and overturned.

Six cattle were killed in the crash and several escaped but were soon recaptured.

The truck driver, Kevin Westmoreland, 41, of Cuero, received minor injuries, but did not require hospitalization, Gholke said.

A Department of Public Safety trooper also responded to the scene to help with traffic control because the highway was closed for several hours while crews cleared it of debris.









Man dies after his motorcycle hits tree

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 4:00 am

A Laneville man died Monday night after he lost control of his motorcycle and struck a tree, according to the Department of Public Safety.

Rusk County Pct. 4 Justice of the Peace Darlene Childress pronounced Arthur Delbert Clark Jr., 60, dead about 8 p.m. at the scene.

Clark was traveling west on CR 477 just east of CR 461 when his 2007 Kawasaki motorcycle slammed into a tree along the side of the road, DPS reported Tuesday.

He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the wreck, officials said.
















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